Here’s what L.A. lawyer Gloria Allred said in introducing Beverly Young Nelson, a native of Santa Maria who says she was molested by Alabama Republican Roy Moore, the Senate candidate facing accusations of sexual misconduct:

Beverly Young Nelson and Gloria Allred speak to press about Roy Moore in New York City. Image via
I am here today with a very brave woman from Alabama who alleges that when she was a minor that she was sexually assaulted by Roy Moore.

She alleges that at the time of the alleged assault Mr. Moore was a district attorney in Etowah County, Alabama. Mr. Moore subsequently became an Alabama Supreme Court justice and had the unique distinction of being twice removed from that court for ethical violations.

This new accuser of Roy Moore is here with me today. Beverly Young Nelson has chosen to come forward because she thinks that it is important to share what she alleges were her experiences with Mr. Moore when she was 15 and 16 years old.

Beverly, with some exceptions, has kept her secret for more than 40 years. She did disclose what she alleges occurred with Mr. Moore to some close family members. She did not, however, speak out publicly, because she feared Mr. Moore and the power that he had. Today, however, inspired by Mr. Moore’s other accusers, she has found the courage to break her silence.

Beverly contacted me to enlist my help and support in coming forward publicly with what she stated were truthful statements.

Beverly gave our law firm permission to speak to her family members to whom she had previously disclosed what happened to her when she was a minor.

We have spoken to Beverly’s mother and sister. Her sister has indicated that within 2 years of the alleged incident, Beverly told her about what happened with Mr. Moore when Beverly was still a teenager and that they discussed it numerous times over the years because Beverly would become upset when she saw Mr. Moore on television and it would trigger the memories of what he had allegedly done to her.

We also spoke with Beverly’s mother, who is 77 years old. She vividly recalls that approximately four years ago Beverly told her what had happened when she was a child. Her mother told us that Beverly was a very truthful person and that she completely believed her. Her mother told us that she asked Beverly why she had not told her mother at the time.

Beverly told her that Mr. Moore had said that no one would believe her and Beverly was afraid of Mr. Moore. Beverly’s mother told us that she told Beverly that “your mother will always believe you.”

Beverly’s sister also told us that she had no doubt that Beverly was telling the truth and that the events with Mr. Moore continued to impact Beverly toughout the years.

We also confirmed with John, her husband, who is here today, that before he and Beverly were married that she told John what Mr. Moore had done to her and that John had urged Beverly over the years to come forward and speak about what happened.

Beverly is willing to testify under oath to the statement that she has made today. We urge the United States Senate Judiciary Committee to hold a public hearing as soon as possible. Beverly is willing to voluntarily appear at such a hearing to testify under oath.

She is willing to answer any questions that the Senators might ask her relevant to her allegations against Mr. Moore. We believe that the Judiciary Committee should subpoena Mr. Moore to answer questions under oath regarding his alleged conduct with Beverly and the other accusers.

Pending the United State Senate’s decision as to whether a hearing will be held, Beverly has decided to decline interviews with the press. However, if the Senate does not schedule a hearing to be held within two weeks from today, then Beverly will answer questions in a different public forum.

Mr. Moore’s response to accusations of inappropriate behavior has been to deny, attack and threaten to sue. We believe that since Mr. Moore is seeking a seat in the United States Senate he should support testimony under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee so that the facts can be determined in an open forum and in a fair manner.

Mr. Moore may attack me as bringing Beverly forward because I am a Democrat. I would point out that I did not contact Beverly. She contacted me.

Further, I have a public record of attacking Democrats who are or have been elected officials when they have been accused of injustices against women. For example, I filed a lawsuit against Democratic Mayor Bob Filner of San Diego and publicly accused him of sexually harassing the City’s Communications Director.

As a result of the mediation of our lawsuit. Mayor Filner resigned as Mayor. In addition, I publicly criticized Anthony Weiner, a former Democratic Congressman regarding the sexting scandal.

I also went on record criticizing former President Clinton when it became clear that he had lied about Monica Lewinsky. When it comes to injustices, it makes no difference to me whether a politician is a Democrat or a Republican.

Our client has shown extraordinary courage by coming forward against an extremely powerful politician with powerful allies. She feels that it is her duty to speak out at this time. We applaud her courage.

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