Sen. Chuck Schumer is taking an ax to outfits like AncestryDNA, saying the day before Cyber Monday that shoppers need to opt out of sharing their genetic info.

“There is no point in learning about your family tree if your privacy gets chopped down at the same time,” the New York Democrat said at a Manhattan news conference.

“Many don’t realize that their sensitive information may end up in the hands of many other third party companies.”

The New York Post said Schumer is urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate.

Schumer points out that AncestryDNA’s fine print tells customers it reserves the right to “communicate your genetic information for the purposes of providing products and services.”

Ancestry DNA said in a statement it doesn’t sell data without customer consent.

“Schumer countered that disclaimers can’t ensure total privacy anyway because the data isn’t covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which means companies can share data much like financial institutions that sell your phone number and address if you don’t check a hidden privacy box,” the Post said.

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