It was “Monday Night Live” in Des Moines, with “Saturday Night Live” fixture Alec Baldwin doing his best Donald Trump impression for a Democratic Party affair.

Alec Baldwin at Democratic Party event in Des Moines, Iowa, playing Donald Trump. Image via

Newsweek said about 3,000 people attended the event once called the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, named for two presidential icons Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. Jackson’s picture was posted in the Oval Office by Trump, but the long-dead president has become controversial recently due to the treatment of Native Americans.

Baldwin-as-Trump joked that “Jefferson Jackson was a great man. People are hearing more and more about him these days.”

Playing confused with names, he continued: “By the way, Jefferson Jackson’s brother Michael Jackson never touched those kids. And even if he did, we need him in the United States Senate nonetheless.”

He also played serious.

“Let’s send Trump to retire in Moscow where he belongs,” Baldwin said. “We can win in 2018. We can win in 2020, but it’s going to take each and every one of us to do that. We all have an important role to play and that is to make America America again. So let’s get to work.”

Newsweek said Baldwin called on Democrats to set aside Bernie vs. Hillary differences: “I want you to take the pledge right now and come together.”

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