The Inner Circle is a New York City group of “seasoned reporters, bloggers, web journalists, and television and radio personalities.”

Until 1973, women were banned.

But over the years, it’s been famed for its newsmaker skits and roasts.

The Inner Circle’s next annual mocking is April 21 at the New York Hilton, and the theme suggests a certain chief executive in the cross hairs.

“Curb Your Narcissism” is the focus — cribbing the title of a certain Larry David show set for a time in Los Angeles.

“This is a complete democracy — until the president decides what it’s going to be,” an insider with the group told the New York Daily News.

“Other themes considered for the (96th annual) evening of skits, insults and good-natured ribbing included Field of Schemes, Billy Wonky and the Favor Factory, Beat the Press, Statues and Limitations and an array of Grope headlines (including) Grope Therapy and Gropes and Dreams.”

The sex-harassment ideas were deep-sixed, however.

“We do have standards,” said the Daily News source. “They’re very low standards, but we have standards.”

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