In an open letter to Justin Timberlake ahead of his return to the Super Bowl halftime show, the Parents Television Council says: “Break a leg.”

The watchdog group also said: Take care not to repeat the infamous “wardrobe malfuction” of 2004 — “Because our Children are Watching.”

“The fallout of your performance during Super Bowl XXXVIII has left an indelible mark,” the Los Angeles-based council said, referring to the brief live exposure of Janet Jackson’s right breast and nipple.

In a 400-word “Dear Justin” letter, the group said: “Much has changed during that time. You became a husband and a father. You became a generous philanthropist, both on the golf course and in the classroom. You’ve become an advocate for worthy causes. And you’ve brought us joy through your music and your film performances.

But “You really threw us – and millions of parents who were watching with their kids. The now-infamous wardrobe malfunction was the biggest news story for weeks, even at a time when the nation had launched into war in Iraq.

“Congressional hearings and Supreme Court cases followed. Standards for indecency on the public airwaves are still hotly debated today.”

So the PTC urged him to keep the halftime show “friendly and safe for the children watching and who may be hoping to emulate you one day.”

Meanwhile, USA Today revisited the key players in “Nipplegate,” including Marcello Garzon, now 66, the Ecuadoran tailor behind the altered garment.

His explanation?

“No, sir. That’s confidential,” he was quoted as saying. “That’s really confidential. How do I say that? I signed the papers with Mrs. Jackson to not release anything at all.”

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