The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office confirmed Monday that no charges will be filed against actor Corey Feldman, who was accused of sexual battery.

An unnamed woman filed a police report with the LAPD on Jan. 8, claiming the 46-year-old actor committed the sexual battery on her on Feb. 4, 2017, reportedly by grabbing her buttocks.

City attorney’s spokesman Frank Mateljan confirmed that his office decided against filing charges against Feldman on Jan. 31.

Feldman denied the allegation last month, then tweeted Monday that “The truth will set us free” in posting a news story about the city attorney’s rejection of the claim. He also tweeted that “lying about sexual harassment is also a crime of perjury, & though we must take each claim seriously, we also can’t run around making up things, & those making false claims must also B investigated.”

Attorney Perry Wander said his client, whose credits include “Stand By Me” and “Goonies,” had been “vindicated.”

“After a comprehensive investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office rejected the filing of a criminal complaint against my client Corey Feldman,” Wander said. “The City Attorney’s office agreed with my assessment of the criminal case, and declined to file charges.”

Last year, Feldman filed a report with the LAPD, alleging he was molested as a child actor, but the department announced in November that the allegation was beyond the statute of limitations and could not be investigated further.

–City News Service

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