The 2020 Dream Ticket of Oprah Winfrey and Lin-Manuel Miranda? Fuggedaboutit.

Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globe Awards. Image via
Dashing the hopes of many Democrats, including Stephen Colbert, the media mogul publicly said in “SuperSoul Conversation” at the historic Apollo Theater in New York City that she’s not interested in a White House run.

As The Daily Beast recounted: “During a discussion about the ‘moral clarity’ he felt after Donald Trump’s election, Miranda said that he’s aware of the social platform his fame and the success of ‘Hamilton’ has given him.”

“But that’s it,” he said Wednesday. “I’m not running for public office.”

Oprah immediately added: “I’m not either!”

TMZ, which posted video of the chat, said: “The audience erupted in laughter/shock — some people sounded downright upset O finally batted down the rumor … which had been swirling since her incredible Golden Globes speech.”

On Twitter, “The Late Show” hosted said: “No, Oprah! Do not throw away your shot!”

But some were relieved the tease was over.

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