Bristol Palin — daughter of Tea Party fave Sarah Palin who once filmed scenes in Los Angeles for “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” — has another secret.

She’s getting a divorce.

But the secret began spilling out the day before Valentine’s Day when TMZ reported the 27-year-old’s split with husband Dakota Meyer.

And People magazine confirmed details for the mom of two daughters and a son, Tripp, from a previous relationship, when her mom was running for vice president.

“A source knowledgeable of the situation tells PEOPLE Meyer moved out of their home in Austin, Texas, around Christmas and filed for divorce two weeks ago. Meyer has also blocked Palin on social media,” the magazine said.

“In posts from recent weeks, Meyer, 29, and Palin, 27, are not wearing their wedding rings.”

Rival US Weekly noted: “The news comes nearly nine months after Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter, 27, and the Medal of Honor recipient, 29, welcomed their second child together, a baby girl named Atlee Bay. They are also parents to daughter Sailor, 2.”

“We had the best doctor/nurses imaginable and Dakota did amazing,” Palin wrote in a blog post in May. “He held my hand, took care — and encouraged me the entire time, I could not have a more supportive husband … This pregnancy has strengthened out bond and made our relationship stand even firmer on the foundation that we have proudly built up for our little family.”

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