They can steal her Oscar, but not Frances McDormand’s thunder.

After winning Best Actress at the Oscars on Sunday night, someone made off with her award. (It was later recovered.)

Hollywood fillmakers may not recover, however, from the previously whispered two-word phrase McDormand uttered to close her acceptance speech: inclusion rider. (Not “inclusion writer” as many heard.)

“The big spike in Google searches for the phrase Sunday night reflects the frantic clatter of people across the world summoning those key words,” NPR noted.

The definition, as NPR put it: “It’s a provision that actors and actresses can ask (or demand) to have inserted into their contracts, which would require a certain level of diversity among a film’s cast and crew.”

The “Three Billboards” star herself said she learned of the practice.

“I just found out about this last week,” McDormand told reporters after the ceremon. “And so, the fact that I just learned that after 35 years of being in the film business — we’re not going back.”

“The whole idea of women ‘trending’? No. African-Americans ‘trending’? No. It changes now. And I think the inclusion rider will have something to do with that — right? Power and rules.”

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