Dog owners are often said to look like their pets. But Yogi the Shih Tzu-poodle mix has ended all debate. His soulful-eyed face is human by all appearances.

Yogi the Shih-poo is being compared to many celebrities. Image via Inside Edition
And that’s why you haven’t been able to avoid the year-old Shih-poo’s gaze in recent days.

“Yogi’s owner, Chantal Desjardins, 27, says she didn’t realize how human he looked until all her friends pointed out the resemblance after she posted a video of her family’s dog to Instagram and Facebook,” People reported.

“I’m kinda turning into Yogi’s manager,” Desjardins of New Hampshire says before being asked about the dog’s future.

“I think [he] would be a talk show host. Maybe like Dr. Phil. According to people, he has piercing eyes.”

The Sun newspaper in England added Nicholas Cage, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Sheeran and Leonardo DiCaprio.

And Inside Edition quoted her as saying: “My favorite comment that I saw was Nicolas Cage dressed up like an Ewok, which, I’m like, ‘I get that.'”

Since being posted to Reddit, the image has been liked more than 19,000 times and received more than 600 comments, said the Sun.

“Probably has a lot to do with close-cut hair around the eyes, especially the brow and snout,” said one. “Eyebrows are actually one of the most identifiable parts of the human face.”

Desjardins told ABC News: “The crazy part is, I shared it on my Facebook back in December and it was just put on Reddit last week.”

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