Tim Tebow teaming up with LeBron James for a TV show?

“Million Dollar Mile,” described by executive producer Lee Metzger as “a hybrid game show meets extreme sports competition,” premieres at 9:01 p.m. Wednesday on CBS.

Heisman Trophy-winner Tebow will host the show, while Los Angeles Lakers all-star forward LeBron James is an executive producer.

Contestants get a two-minute head start over a group of elite athletes, billed as defenders, and try to stay ahead of them on a one-mile course in the streets of downtown Los Angeles with a rotating series of obstacles.

Contestants will “have to make strategic decisions based on how long they can stay in the game, how far to run and what lead they can keep on the defender in order to win as much money as possible,” Metzger told City News Service.

The concept for “Million Dollar Mile” came from Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan, executive producers of CBS’ longtime hit alternative series “Big Brother.” James and his business manager Maverick Carter are also among the executive producers of “Million Dollar Mile.”

“LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Entertainment is all about creating content that is aspirational and entertaining, which is 100 percent part of `Million Dollar Mile’s’ DNA,” Metzger said, referring to the entertainment and content company created by James and Carter and is among the production companies responsible for “Million Dollar Mile.”

“Their involvement as executive producers has really allowed us to pull in key players and garner interest in this show.”

“Million Dollar Mile” is hosted by 2007 Heisman Trophy-winner Tebow. Los Angeles Chargers radio play-by-play announcer and KLAC-AM (570) sports talk show host Matt “Money” Smith and ESPN host and reporter Maria Taylor are commentators.

Producers were seeking contestants “with a competitive spirit, athletic ability and heart,” Metzger said.

“It’s important for the runners to be relatable, so understanding why they want to run `Million Dollar Mile,’ whether it’s just for the challenge of it or because of a personal reason, we want to root for them.” Metzger said.

The four contestants on the premiere include Nikki Key, a Studio City resident who recently quit her job as fitness manager at the North Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness gym to start a faith-based women’s active wear line, was a receiver for the Los Angeles Temptation of the Lingerie Football League and track and field athlete at Arizona State.

“I was born three months early and told because of me being so premature, I would never be an athlete and might be a little slow in my mental development,” Lee said. “Neither of those came out to be true.

“My father was in and out of prison for most of my life. He actually is still in prison now. I didn’t meet him for the first time until I was 16 years old. I never felt like the pretty girl but I knew that I was stronger and faster than most. That became my identity. I always felt the prettiest when I was sweating, running, jumping, or pushing myself.”

Key said she spins four days a week, power lifts three days a week, take a sculpt yoga class two days a week and runs six miles five days a week.

“I love talking to women and young girls about trying to find who they are through pushing their self and their physical ability,” Key said. “In a world where so many women are trying to meet this standard of perfection, I like to be an alternative solution to finding themselves through loving and pushing themselves physically.

`No disrespect to all the women who are Instagram famous and selling fake injections and waist trainers, but I feel the true accomplishment is waking up every morning, putting two feet on the ground and deciding today is the day I will push myself to my personal best and do a little more and be a little better than I was yesterday.”

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