Police in Riverside asked for the public’s help Wednesday evening in identifying a young black man who is possibly developmentally or otherwise disabled, does not communicate often and was dropped off at a hospital late last year.

The man has been mostly nonverbal since being taken to a hospital in Riverside on Dec. 24, 2018, but will speak very little at times, “although never enough to help us identify him,” according to a statement from the Riverside Police Department.

Despite taking the man’s fingerprints, using facial recognition technology, newspaper and television stories and at least 5,000 social media shares, the man’s identity remained undetermined, police said.

Experts have attempted to communicate with the man in order to determine his name, but none have been successful, according to Riverside police.

The man is “currently in a safe environment, but we need his identity to help him long term,” police said.

Anyone with information on the man’s identity was asked to contact Riverside police Detective Brian Money at 951-353-7118 or Bmoney@Riversideca.gov.

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