Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s philanthropic foundation donated another $20 million to actor Sean Penn’s nonprofit emergency-relief organization CORE, officials announced Wednesday, boosting Dorsey’s overall support of the effort to $30 million.

The money was provided through Dorsey’s #StartSmall charitable organization, and the financing will support an expansion of coronavirus testing in New York City and Washington, D.C.

“Jack Dorsey’s #StartSmall represents an unprecedented private sector contribution toward mitigating an ongoing world emergency,” Penn said in a statement announcing the donation. “That should at once assure the public that, no matter what governments do, or do not do, one individual and one company among multibillion-dollar revenues can pay it forward to the greater good. What should alarm the public is that Dorsey and #startsmall are virtually alone in that commitment.”

Dorsey said the program Penn and CORE co-founder Ann Lee have developed “a model others can replicate.”

“And it’s critical we take note and support,” he said. “Lacking a cohesive federal strategy means we have to take matters into our own hands, and I’m grateful CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) has stepped up to do just that.”

According to CORE, Dorsey’s original donation allowed the organization to provide testing in Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans and the Navajo Nation. The new donation will also allow expansion to other areas, while also providing “wraparound services” for the Navajo Nation and White Mountain Apache Tribe, such as hygiene kits, transitional housing, quarantine resources and a blood plasma study.

CORE also plans to move beyond providing just testing by beginning contact-tracing programs in select cities in the coming weeks, officials said.

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