A celebrity news website reported that the Los Angeles Police Department is “pushing back” against Mayor Eric Garcetti’s plan to use it in the process of shutting off utilities at homes where residents throw parties in defiance of COVID-19 orders.

The intent is reported to be to have the LAPD make the request to the city that the utilities be turned off.

“Cops don’t want any more beef with citizens,” TMZ.com reported. “LAPD sources tell TMZ no officer wants to shut the power off at a residence. … We’re told they’d rather focus on reducing real crime, and not turning off home necessities.”

An LAPD spokesman declined comment on the TMZ report.

“Our sources say if the decision is left to officers’ discretion … very few will follow through with Garcetti’s threat,” TMZ reported.

“We’re told, cops are worried about homeowners who rely on electricity to power a breathing device or food spoiling in fridges. Any of those situations would create way more tension in communities they police,” TMZ reported.

“Bottom line … we’re told cops will absolutely cite a homeowner for throwing an out-of-control party, but cutting someone’s power is not a burden they want to bear,” TMZ reported.

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