People who frequent Union Station in downtown Los Angeles will continue to encounter restrictions throughout the week following Sunday evening’s 93rd Academy Awards, which will be held in part at the historic transit depot.

LA Metro officials said they do not anticipate that any bus or train service, including third-party transportation services, will be cancelled or delayed.

The following streets will be closed Sunday:

— Alameda from Cesar Chavez to First Street;

— Los Angeles from Alameda to First;

— Main Street from First to Cesar Chavez;

— Judge John Aliso Street between Temple and First streets;

— southbound Broadway from Cesar Chavez to Aliso Street;

— Arcadia between Spring and Alameda streets;

— Aliso between Spring and Alameda streets;

— Temple Street between Hill and Garey streets;

— east and west sidewalk of Los Angeles Street from Temple to Alameda;

— east and west sidewalk of Alameda from Cesar Chavez to Temple;

— south sidewalk of Cesar Chavez from Main to Union Station Drive; and

— north and south sidewalk of Temple between Alameda and Main.

Select sections of Union Station West are closed to the public including the Historic Ticketing Hall, the Grand Waiting Room, the North and South Patios and the main entrance along Alameda Street.

The main entrance to Union Station West will be closed until Thursday. Pedestrians can access Union Station West via the South Patio breezeway. On Sunday, pedestrians will only be able to access Union Station via Union Station East.

Pedestrians will be able to travel around the closure of Union Station West via East Cesar E. Chavez Avenue. Signage will help them navigate the detour and there will be extra security provided during closures on East Cesar E. Chavez Avenue from Main Street to Vignes Street.

Parking on the west side of Union Station is closed. Lot D will reopen Wednesday and lots B and G will reopen Friday. Parking remains available in the Gateway garage at Union Station East.

Bike Hub access will be closed until 4 a.m. on Monday, April 26.

The Amtrak Bus Plaza at Union Station West will be closed until Thursday. The temporary Amtrak and Greyhound bus pick-up and drop-off will be in front of the Metropolitan Water District building at the southwest corner of the Union Station West driveway from Monday through Thursday.

Bus service on Alameda Street will be rerouted around the production, with bus routes expected to return to normal on Monday.

Union Station will remain fully ADA accessible, with the following changes:

— Through Friday, ADA parking will continue to be available at Union Station East by entering the Patsaouras main entrance off of Vignes Street. ADA parking can be found on P1 with easy access to Union Station, with additional ADA spaces on P2 in Sections B, C and F.

— On Sunday, ADA Access pick-up and drop-off will be located at Union Station East off of Vignes Street from Monday though Thursday.

— From Monday through Thursday, ADA Access pick-up and drop-off will be located in front of the Metropolitan Water District.

Visitors will not be able to access or view the production inside Union Station on Sunday.

All production-related impacts to Union Station are expected to be completed on Thursday, with normal paths of travel returning Friday.

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