Brandy Norwood - Photo courtesy of Joe Seer on Shutterstock

Portions of a lawsuit brought against Brandy Norwood by a former housekeeper should be dismissed, including her primary claim for age discrimination, the performer’s lawyers argue in new court papers.

In court papers filed Friday, Norwood’s lawyers say Maria Elizabeth Castaneda’s age discrimination and failure to prevent discrimination claims are not viable under the state Fair Employment and Housing Act because the singer did not regularly employ five or more employees during the time the plaintiff worked for her. They say she voluntarily quit and was an independent contractor.

Norwood’s lawyers also urge a judge to toss Castaneda’s claims for wrongful termination because it is tied to the discrimination allegations. The motion does not challenge Castaneda’s allegations of unfair competition and violations of the state Labor Code.

A second motion brought by Norwood’s lawyers asks that portions of Castaneda’s suit be stricken, including the word “wrongfully” in reference to her termination.

Castaneda’s suit states that she was hired in September 2002 and that her responsibilities included cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry at a daily rate of $125. She was wrongfully fired on Feb. 25 because she was older than 60 and the singer did not want an older employee, according to the suit, which further alleges Castaneda is still owed money for her last two days of work.

Norwood, 43, served as a judge on the first season of “America’s Got Talent.” She had a brief relationship in 1996 with Kobe Bryant before he became a Laker.

A hearing on Norwood’s motions is scheduled Dec. 21 before Judge Theresa M. Traber.

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