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The promoter of the 2021 “Marc Anthony Una Noche” concert is suing a video platform, claiming that livestreaming planned for the night of the event completely failed and caused substantial financial losses to the plaintiff.

Loud and Live Entertainment Inc.’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit against Maestro Interactive Inc. alleges breach of contract, breach of express warranty, negligent misrepresentation and rescission of the contract. The plaintiff seeks unspecified damages.

The concert was considered by music industry experts to be one of the biggest and most anticipated livestreams ever and was supposed to be available to ticket holders in the U.S., Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and more than 90 other countries, all of whom paid $25 to $40 to watch Anthony perform a 90-minute show, the suit states.

“That anticipation turned to frustration, then disappointment and finally dread when Maestro’s streaming platform failed completely on the night of the show,” the suit states.

A Maestro Interactive representative could not be immediately reached.

Maestro represented to Loud And Live that it had experience with events much larger than Anthony’s April 17, 2021, concert and said that its platform would automatically scale to meet Loud And Live’s needs, whether it had 500 viewers or millions, according to the suit, which further states that Maestro management also said the company had previously handled huge events, including livestream concerts Maestro hosted for Katy Perry and Billie Eilish.

However, Maestro failed to stream even one minute of the Anthony show, according to the suit.

Anthony, now 54, later issued an apology for the technology failure and — “in an attempt to salvage the event and protect his reputation and relationship with fans” — streamed the concert, which had been performed live and recorded, free on for 24 hours starting on April 18, 2021, the suit states. Loud And Live began refunding ticket costs that same day to more than 100,000 fans worldwide and also returned money to corporate sponsors and local promoters, according to the suit.

Billboard magazine called the show “the most high-profile concert livestream to completely crash and burn” and Loud and Live, which paid Anthony a substantial guaranteed artist fee, suffered significant economic losses, the suit states.

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