Photo courtesy Keep Los Angeles Beautiful.
Photo courtesy Keep Los Angeles Beautiful.

Though Angelenos have survived a blistering summer and managed to reduce water usage, most of California remains in “exceptional drought” and winter rains aren’t expected to bring much relief.

Here are a few easy ways to help save water, or as Mayor Eric Garcetti’s team is trying to trend it, #droughthack:

  1. #BlueBucketChallenge: Keep a bucket with you when you shower to collect excess water. This is not so much a challenge (à la ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) as it is a clever idea.
  2. Rain Barrels: Give new life to Coca-Cola syrup barrels and use them to irrigate your lawn. The city is all out of of the free barrels until January but you can still get a $100 rebate.
  3. Brown is the new green: Stop watering. Just stop let the lawn go brown. Even the city’s doing it.
  4. OR Go California Friendly : Rip out that yellowing turf and revamp your lawn with low water shrubs and plants. Thanks to city funded incentives, you can even get paid $3.75 per square foot.
  5. #Dirtycarpledge : Don’t wash your car. You can get a sticker if it’ll reduce your shame of dust.


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