The Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro. Photo by John Schreiber.
The Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro. Photo by John Schreiber.

Mayor Eric Garcetti will join other city leaders Wednesday evening to light a San Pedro sign on the pedestrian bridge over the Harbor (110) Freeway and Gaffey Street.

The pedestrian bridge arching over the terminus of the freeway has served to greet visitors to the Port of Los Angeles waterfront, which is being redeveloped. But the span also has been used as a local bulletin board, with people hanging handmade signs from it.

The city’s old, painted sign said “Welcome to San Pedro” to southbound drivers and “Come Back to San Pedro Soon” to those headed north.

The new sign was the first project completed as part of the mayor’s Great Streets initiative. Garcetti chose 15 streets — one for each council district — to get facelifts to make them more pedestrian-friendly and inviting.     Gaffey Street was picked for improvements in the 15th District.     Blue lighting and new backlit signs that say “San Pedro” will be unveiled on both sides of the bridge. Harbor-area City Councilman Joe Buscaino is expected to be there for the ceremony, and the Dana Junior High marching band will perform.

“First impressions are everything, and if we want to create an environment ripe for investment along our main corridor in San Pedro, then the redesign of Gaffey Street becomes a valuable tool in raising the value of our community,” Buscaino said.

Garcetti said the sign “illustrates the fundamental essence of my Great Streets initiative — to improve and re-imagine our streets to make them more attractive to residents, shoppers, and investors.”

“Our goal is to ensure Gaffey Street is an enormous source of pride for everyone who calls San Pedro — and Los Angeles — home,” he said.

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