An example of a brown bear. This is not the bear in the weekend tent attack. It’s not known what kind of bear tried to rip apart a camper’s tent. Photo via Pixabay

A campground and hiking area just above Altadena were off-limits Sunday after a bloody, terrifying attack on a camper in his tent by a small bear in the dark, early hours of the morning.

Rangers planned to track and shoot the bear before the end of the weekend.

The Milliard Campground has been closed indefinitely after the 2 a.m. Saturday attack, the sheriff’s Altadena station reported.

The camper needed about 18 sutures to sew up the cut on his forehead, deputies said.

The small bear pushed through a tent wall and appeared to be attempting to open the tent. The man had been looking at his iPad at about 2 a.m. Saturday when his tent fell down on him.

Two other campers saw an approximately 120-pound bear running away from the area. The victim did not know he was injured until he felt blood dripping on his face, deputies said.

–Staff and wire reports


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