No. 2 moon man Buzz Aldrin — now 86 years old — is in New Zealand after his rescue from the South Pole, and the latest report is he’s responding well to treatment for pneumonia.

Buzz Aldrin and Christina Korp, his manager, at New Zealand hospital. Photo via Twitter

Florida Today quoted his manager as saying: “He’s responding well to the meds for the pneumonia but we need to make sure to rule out other things before we can fly home” from Christchurch to Satellite Beach.

“But he’s in good spirits and at least he can say he made it to the South Pole!” said the manager, Christana Korp.

Korp said Aldrin is thought to be the oldest person to reach the pole, breaking the previous age record of 83.

“So another thing to add to his bragging rights,” she said. Aldrin was the second human to set foot on the moon just after Neil Armstrong on their historic 1969 mission.

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