Eaton Canyon Falls. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Eaton Canyon Falls. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

A woman in her 30s was rescued Friday after falling while climbing down a waterfall in a restricted area of Eaton Canyon, said the Pasadena Fire Department.

The unidentified woman’s fall was reported to the Pasadena Fire Department by the victim’s two friends about 3 p.m., said fire department spokeswoman Lisa Derderian.

“The woman fell about 30 feet as she was climbing down the waterfall after climbing to its top,” Derderian said. “This is restricted area and what she did, put herself in danger as well as the fire department’s Rescue and Search team and the sheriff’s deputies who responded to the location.”

The woman was transported to a local trauma center for treatment of back injuries, Derderian said.

“Where she fell is a very popular place to hike,” Derderian said. “And we are worried about hikers who will come here this weekend since the weather has cleared up and injuring themselves as well as putting rescuers in danger by climbing around the waterfall.”

Derderian said the area is restricted because of the danger and the fire department has posted signs warning hikers about the danger.

“We’ve had some fatal accidents here in the past,” Derderian said. “And we don’t want anyone else to get hurt.”

Derderian said the recent rains have raised the water level of the falls and turned the adjoining stream into a raging river.

If you come up here to see this beautiful landscape, Derderian continued. “We ask you not to try and climb the waterfall or walk across the top of the waterfall because the current could knock you down or sweep you away.”

— City News Service

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