Should sex be a major consideration for aging Baby Boomers when they decide to move to retirement homes?

An international business insurance company is urging retirement homes and their prospective older clients to give serious thought to policies about sex activities, from keeping sex behind closed doors to residents being free to reject unwanted advances.

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“Sex education is not just for teenagers,” according to Bruce Dmytrow, Vice President, Aging Services and National Programs, CNA Healthcare.

“In order to manage risks associated with sexual expression, an organization should institute a policy on resident sexual expression that reflects a variety of needs and also implements safeguards applicable to situations that may make other residents feel uncomfortable.

“The policy should consider that residents must be assessed on their ability to make decisions regarding sexual expression and educated on their right to say ‘No,’ as well as require all curtains and doors to be closed during any type of sexual activity between consenting residents.”

Through comprehensive training, exceptional professionalism and candid communication with residents and family members, senior living communities can help minimize risks associated with this topic, Dmytrow said.

“Baby Boomers launched the sexual revolution back in the 1960s and are on the brink of a new sexual revolution as boomers begin moving into senior living communities,” a CNA statement said. “The topic of sexual expression in senior living communities is a resident matter that should be recognized and addressed from an enterprise perspective.

“An organization’s policy on sexual expression may become an important consideration for boomers when deciding where to live. However, life plan communities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes must consider the potential risk exposure associated with such a policy, especially when it involves supporting their residents with dementia.”

CNA Healthcare is a Chicago-based business insurance firm with offices in the United States, Canada and Europe. CNA works with independent insurance brokers in their service areas.

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