A high-end Jaguar at the Los Angeles Auto Show. If a high-end car can be more popular, why not a high-end sex toy? Photo via LA Auto Show

We have changing tastes in cars, restaurants, music, film and just about everything these days, so why shouldn’t American adults have changing tastes in their preferences for sex toys?

And just as people may prefer a high-end Jaguar to a Chevrolet, a new poll shows an increasing preference for “higher end” sex toys.

The online survey of more than 1,000 adults showed that 16 percent of women and 18 percent of men “said they now preferred higher end sex toys,” according to a statement this week from Adam & Eve, a company that sells sex-related products on the Internet.

Exactly what a “higher end sex toy” is was not described in the company’s statement. A check of the firm’s adamandeve.com website displays a dizzying array of sex toys, from vibrators to exotic devices that are unmentionable in a generally distributed news website. Some products were offered at about $150, so those may presumably qualify as “high end.”

Also in the poll, 18 percent of the women and 24 percent of the men said they preferred more realistic sex toys than they had in the past. And 15 percent of the women and 8 percent of the men said they preferred “more powerful toys.” As with the definition of “high end” sex toys, there was no definition of “more powerful.”

“Sex toy preferences, like preferences in foods or fashion, change over time,” said a person identified by the company as “sexpert Dr. Kat Van Kirk.”

“For many people, their tastes evolve as they discover what does and doesn’t work best for them,” said Van Kirk. “With so many options in sex toys today, there truly is something for everyone.”

It wasn’t clear if the survey was scientifically sound. It was “web-based” and “conducted by an independent third party survey company, of over 1,000 American adults age 18 and up, (and) was sponsored by Adam & Eve to study sexual preferences and practices.” Adam & Eve’s website is http://www.adamandeve.com.

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