American jet takeoff at LAX
An American jet takes off at LAX. American is a major airline flying to Texas. Photo by John Schreiber.

Some LAX flights to  and from Texas have been canceled as deadly Hurricane Harvey continued to devastate Texas and millions remained in danger.

Airports in some of the hardest hit areas were shut down, forcing flight cancellations to and from Los Angeles International Airport.

A number of airlines flying to Texas and western Louisiana said they would waive change fee requirements for the next couple of days in the hurricane-hit areas. Change fees can cost up to $200 per ticket.

As is always the case in unusual travel situations, officials urged people to check with their airlines before heading to LAX or any other Southland airport.

A limited number of flights from LAX to Texas were cancelled, as Corpus Christi International Airport is closed, as is Valley International Airport in Harlingen, William P. Hobby in Houston and Houston George Bush International.

The regional airport in Victoria near Houston was closed, as was the Calhoun County airport near Port Lavaca on the Texas coast, according to the FAA.

“The impact of Harvey on operations appears to be minimal if any,” LAX spokesman Frederick Badlissi said.

However, a check of flights from the Houston, San Antonio and Austin areas to LAX indicated a number of flights to and from the hurricane areas were canceled.

— City News Service

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