The desert resort of Palm Springs has just endured its hottest summer in almost a century.

While there are skeptics in the national debate over climate change, the National Weather Service says the hip getaway a couple-hour drive from Los Angeles was the hottest it’s been this summer since records began to be kept in 1922.

And that includes records being set for a number of individual days, including June 24 and 25 when the high temperatures for each of those days was 122.

Between June and August, the average temperature in Palm Springs was 94.7 degrees, the hottest such stretch in those months since records began in 1922. The new record eclipsed last year’s mark of 93.6 degrees, which had been tied with 2006 for the hottest ever June-August stretch, according to the NWS.

NWS Meterologist Brett Albright said that 2017 also saw the warmest nights in Palm Springs’ recorded history, along with afternoon highs that were among the city’s top three hottest daytime summer temperatures ever.

And even though it’s early September, forecasters say the searing temperatures won’t let up. It’ll be 111 in Palm Springs Wednesday with an overnight low of 83.

Except for a couple days at the end of the week when the mercury may dip just below the 100-degree mark due to possible thundershowers, forecasters expect temperatures to remain well beyond 100 degrees for the next 10 days at least.

Despite the record heat, tourists continued to flock to Palm Springs, especially on weekend nights. The downtown restaurant area is often jammed at night in triple-digit heat as live bands blare from a number of restaurants as young-appearing diners have to prove they are over 21 before being allowed to join in the fun.

Hotels offering summer discounts are often jammed for the weekends, with visitors broiling in the midday sun. Unheated pool temperatures soar to more than 90 degrees, making a dip less refreshing.

Officials said 2016 set an overall record for tourist visits.

— Staff and wire reports

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