Chubbs has a new home.

The 29-pound cat that became an internet sensation when photos of the portly feline were posted online by the Pasadena Humane Society was adopted Wednesday by a Monrovia family.

“Oh my goodness, I’m very happy,” Yvette Viola said as she played with her new pet at the Humane Society. “He’s going to be very happy. He’ll be spoiled.”

Viola said her family has experience with chubby pets, having recently lost their 23-pound cat. She said she wasn’t sure the family wanted to move on and get another pet.

“But then this guy came on TV and my girlfriend … she says, `I found your cat,”’ Viola said.

Chubbs was found earlier this month walking along an Altadena street without any identification. Since being brought to the Pasadena Humane Society, the 10-year-old Himalayan mix has been undergoing medical exams, and he needed to have a portion of his back shaved due to his extremely matted hair. Too big to fit into any of the Pasadena Humane Society kennels, he had been living in staff member’s office.

The society initially wanted to put him up for adoption on Sunday, but the process was delayed when several people came forward claiming ownership after Chubbs’ photo started making the rounds online. The ownership claims, none of which could be verified, came from as far away as Wales.

Humane Society officials noted that Chubbs’ new owners will have to ensure their new pet gets regular veterinary checks and testing for diabetes, and he’ll need a healthy diet.

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