A Beverly Hills sign. Photo by John Schreiber.
Photo by John Schreiber.

Repairs could be completed as early as Monday on a Beverly Hills water main leak that has disrupted traffic for nearly a week and caused officials to ask residents to conserve water, it was announced Thursday.

Evidence of the leak was discovered at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Alpine Drive last Friday, and the exact location was pinpointed on Wednesday, when repairs began.

“We know everyone in Beverly Hills is anxious to have their reliable water supply back, particularly in the middle of the busy holiday season,” said Jim Green, the Metropolitan Water District’s operations manager. “If we don’t run into any additional challenges, the pipeline repairs should be completed in the next few days.”

Because of the problem, eastbound Sunset Boulevard between North Rexford and Alpine drives is closed while one westbound lane remains open. Northbound Alpine Drive is also closed. Drivers are being advised to avoid the area and plan for added commute times until the roadway is open.

The leak was detected in the MWD’s Santa Monica Feeder, and repairs required the complete shutdown of the line, leaving Beverly Hills without its primary source of water and prompting city officials to ask residents to conserve.

“We need the help of our residents. We’re asking them to avoid watering their lawns and gardens, take shorter showers, avoid unnecessary loads of laundry and do whatever they can to keep their water use down,” Beverly Hills Mayor Julian A. Gold said Monday. “We know it’s the holidays and it’s a sacrifice, but we also know our residents are willing to pitch in and help when needed.”

The Santa Monica Feeder, completed in 1941, spans 24 miles from Eagle Rock to Santa Monica and serves treated water to Glendale, Burbank, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. At the point where the leak occurred, the feeder is a 32-inch cast iron main.

The cause of the leak is still under investigation, according to Green.

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