An unknown number of California Highway Patrol officers assigned to the agency’s East Los Angeles office have been suspended for allegedly putting in for thousands of dollars of overtime for which they were not entitled, officials announced.

It was not clear how many officers were involved. Results of the CHP’s internal investigation are being shared with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, officials said Friday.

“I have been made aware of the ongoing investigation into overtime abuse in our East Los Angeles Area office, and I am frankly angered and appalled by the actions of those involved,” according to a statement issued by CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley.

Stanley said the issue appeared to be restricted to the East Los Angeles office.

“However, out of an abundance of caution and to ensure something like this doesn’t happen elsewhere, the CHP has put additional safeguards in place to prevent it,” Stanley said. “The public expects no less.”

CHP officials said the un-earned overtime totaled about $350,000.

According to the Los Angeles Times, about 110 people work at the station, and the agency was shifting extra staff to its Southern Division to cover for the suspended officers.

The officers allegedly padded their overtime, claiming to be working longer hours on Caltrans protection details during freeway work.

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