Some military bases in San Diego County have instituted heightened security measures and warned of increased entry gate delays, according to base Twitter posts.

MCAS Miramar sent out a notice on Twitter Saturday reporting increased entry gate delays.

“Travelers can expect delays at all entry points across MCAS Miramar,” the Twitter notice said. “Base law enforcement will be conducting 100 percent ID checks of all individuals. Please have IDs ready. Travelers should also expect an increase in vehicle inspections.”

Camp Pendleton sent a similar message on Twitter Saturday, warning of increased entry gate delays and asking everyone entering the base to have IDs ready and that all IDs will be checked.

“Due to these security measures, travelers will experience longer wait times when entering the installation,” the Camp Pendleton Twitter post said.

The measures follow rising tensions in the Middle East after an American drone killed a top Iranian general, although there is no mention in the Twitter posts linking the heightened security to mounting hostilities. Base officials were unavailable for comment.

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