Britney Spears’ father and the founder of the Absolute Britney blog reached a settlement in a suit in which the blogger agreed not to disparage the singer’s conservatorship or its representatives, court records obtained Friday show.

Spears, 38, has been under a conservatorship since 2008, when she exhibited bizarre behavior, including shaving her head. The singer underwent treatment for undisclosed mental health issues last spring at a Los Angeles facility.

Her father, Jamie, served as one of her conservators until last September, when her care manager, Jodi Montgomery, was appointed to the role. Jamie Spears sued the blogger, Anthony Steven, on June 26 last year.

A judgment was signed Dec. 20 by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark Mooney in favor of Jamie Spears and against Steven, enjoining the latter from “republishing, distributing or otherwise disseminating” in the social media or making statements alleging that the conservatorship is harming Britney Spears. He also is barred from making disparaging remarks about the conservators.

Steven also was ordered not to utter or authorize third parties to make any statements “alleging or insinuating that the conservatorship or people at the conservators’ direction are deleting positive posts on social media and keeping negative posts up on social media so as to create a negative portrayal of Britney.”

In his suit, Jamie Spears lashed out at Stevens.

“It is time for the conspiracy theories about Britney Spears’ well-being and the mob #FreeBritney movement to stop,” his court papers stated.

The singer and her father have sat by while some fans have accused them of “false and malicious things,” including attempts to mislead the public with the content that appears on her social media, according to the suit.

The complaint alleged that Steven had “made it his mission to spread numerous false and malicious lies on the Internet about Britney, her conservatorship and her team” and “made it his agenda to ensure that Britney is no longer in a conservatorship.”

Steven had alleged that members of Spears’ “team” were manipulating comments on her Instagram page to “keep up the illusion she needs help,” according to the suit.

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