The City Attorney’s Office put out a call Thursday for retired judges interested in helping appoint volunteer members of the city’s 2020 Redistricting Commission.

The commission will be responsible for drawing and adjusting the boundaries of San Diego’s nine City Council districts to comply with laws and the results of the 2020 U.S. Census.

San Diego’s charter calls for three retired judges to appoint the nine members of the commission and two alternates. Judges must have served in either the Superior Court of the State of California, a state appellate court or a U.S. District Court located within California.

After the city attorney finds a list of volunteer judges willing to serve and submits that list to the city clerk, the clerk will draw three names randomly to serve on the panel. The clerk will also select one alternate judge. The appointing authority must be selected by June 2020.

That authority must then hold at least one public meeting to appoint commission members and alternates.

Retired judges interested in serving on the appointing authority, or who would like more information, can contact Senior Deputy City Attorney Sharon Spivak at, or by calling 619-236-6220.

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