Firefighters extinguished an extensive fire Tuesday that spread from an RV into a one-story Willowbrook residence, authorities said.

Los Angeles County firefighters first got the call of a structure fire in the 200 block of East 126 Street in the unincorporated area south of Los Angeles around 11:30 a.m., according to Marvin Lim, a county fire spokesperson.

Firefighters arrived on scene eight minutes later, he said.

Crews from the Los Angeles Fire Department were called to the scene, too, according to Nicholas Prange, a city fire spokesperson.

Firefighters determined that an RV fire had spread to the home.

It took just over half an hour to bring the blaze under control, according to Inspector Henry Narvaez, a county fire spokesperson.

“Once the flames are extinguished, the crews have to back out and wait,” he said. “Then they have to go in there and clear all the debris.”

Firefighters are now trying to determine what caused the RV to go up in flames.

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