Caltech Monday announced the launch of a science website that brings expert analysis to the scientific and technological questions that define our time.

As a resource for the media and public, the Caltech Science Exchange provides accurate, up-to-date, trusted information — with clear, concise, fact-driven explanations and answers from leading experts throughout the nation, according to the Pasadena-based institute.

The site — — is designed to help visitors make sense of issues that capture the public interest but often are the subject of confusion or controversy. The website includes infographics, illustrations, videos and other features that explain essential science concepts and answer frequently asked questions.

Currently, the politically-neutral Science Exchange features multimedia content explaining the science behind COVID-19 and other viral threats. New topics, including sustainability, earthquakes, genetics, artificial intelligence, neuroscience and quantum computing, will be added in the months ahead, Caltech said.

Visitors may submit questions on the site or through #CaltechScienceExchange on social media.

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