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A terrified female grey fox that was hit by a car as it ran into traffic during loud Fourth of July fireworks explosions has died during surgery.

“It is with the heaviest of hearts and eyes blurred with tears, that I have to let you know, the sweet little fox has lost her life during surgery,” said a Facebook post from Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach. “I want to thank the entire veterinary team for their hard work and dedication towards this sweet little soul. Their heroics were above and beyond all expectations.

“The surgery was going well, and the surgeons were only ten minutes to closure, when our little fox suddenly crashed, her temperature dipped too low and her heart stopped. After a long attempt at CPR, Dr Wood called it. I felt like everyone stopped breathing at once from the shock and the utter sadness that swelled within the room.

“Sadly, many wildlife are impacted by our Independence Day celebrations. Too many sad stories to share. But, nevertheless, we will soldier on, staying ready to do whatever we can to help the next victim.”

The fox required orthopedic surgery to repair extensive fractures. A site was established to collect donations to cover the cost of care.

An update posted on Tuesday said the grey vixen was in stable condition overnight, ate all her food and was having pain and hydration medically managed.

The following day, an update said the fox underwent an exam and blood draw in preparation for the upcoming surgery.

On Saturday, an announcement was issued stating that the surgery was set for about 2 p.m., and positive thoughts were requested for the fox and the veterinarians performing the procedure, including Dr. George Katcherian of Back Bay Animal Hospital, Dr. Elizabeth Wood, Dr. Paige Hashimoto of Beach Boulevard Pet Hospital and Dr. Yolanda Kenney of Bressi Ranch Pet Hospital.

A further update indicated the surgery was going well. But Saturday night, the team shared the news that the fox did not survive the operation.

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