Firefighters rescued two cats and a rabbit from a house fire in Sherman Oaks Saturday, but two other pets at the home died, authorities said.

A man at the home suffered a cut to one of his hands when he tried to rescue the pets prior to the arrival of firefighters.

The fire was reported at 1:31 p.m. at 14913 W. Addison St., according to the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Brian Humphrey, who said it was electrical in nature.

It took 20 firefighters 11 minutes to put out the flames in one room of a single-story, 1,000-square-foot home built in 1948, Humphrey said.

Firefighters rescued two cats and a rabbit from the smoke-filled house but one cat and one tarantula died in the flames, he said.

The man was treated for his cut at the scene and did not want paramedics to take him to a hospital, Humphrey said. No other injuries were reported.

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