Actress Mayim Bialik and show champion Ken Jennings will split “Jeopardy!” hosting duties for the rest of the year, producers announced Thursday.

Bialik had previously been named the show’s interim host following the departure of Mike Richards, who stepped down from the role following revelations about inappropriate comments he made on podcasts several years ago. Richards was subsequently fired as executive producer of “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune.”

According to a statement from producers Thursday, Bialik will host “several weeks of episodes” starting Monday. Those episodes will air through Nov. 5.

Following that, Bialik and Jennings will split the hosting duties “as their schedules allow.”

Bialik was originally hired along with Richards, with “The Big Bang Theory” actress slated to host prime-time and spin-off specials of “Jeopardy!” while Richards handled daily hosting duties. Bialik was among a rotating cast of guests hosts who kept the show going as producers tried to fill the role held by the late Alex Trebek since its syndicated revival began in 1984.

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