One Year Ago Today (September 18, 2020)…A former UPS loader is suing the company, alleging she was forced to quit earlier this year after her complaints about ongoing sexual harassment by a supervisor were ignored.

Alyssa Roberts’ Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges wrongful termination, hostile work environment and whistleblower retaliation. She seeks unspecified damages in the suit filed Wednesday.

A UPS representative issued a statement Friday regarding the lawsuit.

“One of UPS’s core values is people should be respected and protected in the workplace,” the statement read. “The company does not tolerate harassment or discrimination, and provides its employees with multiple ways to share their concerns. We are reviewing the allegations and will respond accordingly.”

Roberts was hired to work at a UPS facility in Cerritos in September 2018, but resigned after moving away in March 2019, the suit states. She says she rejoined the company three months later, once again as a loader, and was soon promoted to a part-time supervisor.

Roberts expected to work at UPS for years to come, but after Daniel Sanchez, a co-defendant in the suit, became her boss, he made unwelcome sexual comments directed toward her, the lawsuit alleges. He often referred to her as “beautiful” and routinely sent her “inappropriate sexual comments” through text messages, including one that said, “I love you and you owe me,” the suit alleges.

On another occasion, Sanchez used winking emojis in a text to suggest the plaintiff could make up for forgetting to sign an important package, stating, “I’m pretty sure you can make it up,” the suit states.

Sanchez’s alleged comment left Roberts feeling uncomfortable by its sexual nature, according to her court papers.

“Ultimately, Sanchez’s aggressive and harassing conduct left (Roberts) in a perpetual state of apprehension and fear,” the suit alleges.

After receiving vague and evasive responses from UPS regarding her complaints about Sanchez, Roberts concluded the company “had no intention of investigating” his alleged misconduct toward her and she “had no other choice” but to quit on June 18, the suit says.

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