DoorDash is launching two new safety features in its app to improve safety for food deliverers. DoorDash deliverers in Los Angeles will begin using the new SafeDash features, part of an in-app toolkit created by security professionals at ADT, this month before it is available nationwide.

The two new features are the safety reassurance call and the emergency assistance button. The safety reassurance call is available when deliverers are in an unsafe situation and will connect them to an ADT agent through the app. ADT will call the deliverer and remain on the phone until the deliverer is in a safe place. In the event the situation escalates, ADT will contact 911 to request an emergency response.

The emergency assistance button is available for deliverers to use in emergency situations. ADT will contact 911 on the deliverer’s behalf and discreetly remain in contact with the deliverer through text messaging.

DoorDash is providing virtual education resources, direct communications, education materials and in-app guidance to deliverers.

“Making deliveries with DoorDash takes me all over the greater Los Angeles area — driving through the city and exploring new parts of our beautiful region is one of my favorite things about dashing,” Ronae Christensen, a Los Angeles area Dasher, said in a release. “But if I’m ever in an unfamiliar area, I’ll always make sure to give a friend a call and stay on the phone with them until I’m feeling more comfortable. Now, with SafeDash, I have a more secure and consistent way to seek reassurance. The ability to connect with an agent who has my safety top of mind is a real game changer and I’m so glad DoorDash is thinking about these things.”

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