Several City Council members are seeking to streamline the use of solar energy in Los Angeles, according to a motion filed Wednesday.

The motion, co-authored by council members Bob Blumenfield, Paul Krekorian and Traci Park, seeks to improve the approval process for ground-mounted solar installations.

Certain types of solar energy generating systems, such as rooftop panels, are processed quickly under the current city policy. But ground-mounted solar installations require a conditional use permit, which is more complicated.

As a result, just one ground-mounted solar-installation has been completed in the city since 2014, according to Blumenfield.

“Year after year, the United Nations puts out new information with one urgent message: the world needs collective action today,” Blumenfield said. “With climate change negatively altering our world before our eyes, now is not the time to limit green energy opportunities.

“By streamlining a major source of clean and reliable solar energy, we are allowing more opportunities for residents, business and property owners to help the city get to 100% carbon free renewable energy.”

The motion seeks a report from the Planning Department and the Department of Building and Safety on recommendations to streamline and improve the permitting and approval process for ground-mounted solar energy generating systems.

It seeks to keep in line with the city’s renewable energy objectives and to ensure that no potential policy would reduce or disincentive housing. The motion also seeks to protect trees, wildlife and open space by maintaining the conditional use permit conditions in those areas.

“Our city’s dedication to advancing renewable energy through the LA100 initiative is crucial for building a sustainable future,” Park said. “Today’s action advances our efforts to scale up our city’s solar power capacity to make clean, renewable energy more accessible to everyone, while also safeguarding affordable housing, protecting open spaces, and preserving wildlife corridors.”

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