A 51-year-old man was recuperating Tuesday in a Mission Viejo hospital, thanks to the quick action of a nurse and a Marine who revived him following a heart attack at a fitness center.

The man was running on a treadmill when his heart failed about 7:45 p.m. Monday at the Sierra Recreation and Fitness Center in Mission Viejo, according to Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Steve Concialdi. The man “shot off the back” of the exercise machine, Concialdi added.

Norah Collins Letona, who works as a nurse at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, grabbed an automated external defibrillator off a wall and put the machines pads on the victim while Jose Campos, a former Marine and employee at the fitness center, told someone to call 911, Concialdi said.

Campos checked the man’s pulse and started CPR, Concialdi said. Then the two applied the AED to jolt his heart back into action, Concialdi said.

Campos continued efforts to revive the man and after about 30 seconds the victim started drawing breaths again, Concialdi said.

When paramedics arrived the man was awake and talking, Concialdi said.

“The quick actions of Norah and Jose and the AED being close by definitely saved this man’s life,” Concialdi said. “This is an excellent example of bystanders knowing CPR, having an AED available and stepping in to help save a person in grave need.”

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