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A custody and visitation dispute involving an Irvine attorney is scheduled to be heard Tuesday in Family Law Court in Orange, one day after she pleaded no contest to trying to run away with her 12-year-old son.

Sousan Alemansour, 55, was sentenced to 420 days in jail, or credit for time served behind bars, and was released following her no contest plea to child abduction, assault, battery and violating a protective order, all misdemeanors, according to court records.

Alemansour was placed on three years of informal probation.

She was arrested April 6 in Chicago, according to Deputy District Attorney Ted Burnett.

Alemansour and her spouse argued in court filings on March 26 about their son’s health and diet. She was representing herself in the custody dispute with Michael Myaskovsky, who is now seeking to block any contact between mother and son.

“The fact that he downplays the health, safety and nutrition of this child is of concern,” Alemansour wrote in a filing earlier this year.

“This child wants to come home. This man accepts no responsibility for what goes wrong, but he takes all the credit. (The boy’s) safety, health, nutrition is neglected. Send him home please before harm to him is permanent.”

Myaskovsky — who said he was a stay-at-home father until his son was 8 – – claimed Alemansour had taken “situations out of context and blown them out of proportion,” including headaches that he said the boy was having due to caffeine withdrawal. He blamed Alemansour for starting “the trend of giving (the boy) coffee.”

Alemansour alleged that Myaskovsky was “following” her with their son so she would run afoul of a court order, but Myaskovsky said the opposite was true and that he has “had to change the exchange location five times because petitioner has not complied with the rules.”

Myaskovsky won custody of the child last November, with Alemansour granted visitation rights.

Alemansour got into a physical struggle with a court-ordered monitor as her son was being dropped off for visitation in Anaheim about 4:15 p.m. April 6 in the 6100 block of East Palo Alto Drive, according to Anaheim Police Lt. Eric Trapp.

Police missed the two at Los Angeles International Airport by about 20 minutes and determined she was on a flight to Chicago, where she was arrested as she and her son got off the plane.

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