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Garden Grove police were puzzling over what appeared to be an attempted bombing Wednesday at a property management building.

Someone took a two-inch-round rubber tube that was about 30 feet long, attached it to a line they likely intentionally broke to tap into natural gas flowing through it, and ran it up to a roof vent at a Cushman & Wakefield property management building at 7281 Eagle Drive, according to Lt. Bob Bogue.

“Natural gas is very explosive,” so the perpetrator may have hoped someone would spark it with a lighter or in some other fashion, Bogue said.

“Obviously, somebody’s sending a message, but it wasn’t a really well- planned-out bomb device,” Bogue said.

A few employees who were in the building at the time smelled the gas and called the Southern California Gas Co. and Garden Grove police at 11:40 a.m., Bogue said.

Gas company workers found the line and turned off the gas, Bogue said.

“That’s when we called the bomb squad in to really look at this thing,” he said.

Authorities did not find any explosive devices in the building and there have been no direct threats to the business, Bogue said.

It’s also a mystery how the rubber hose was run up to the roof, Bogue said. A ladder leading to the roof was locked when police arrived, Bogue said.

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