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A British newspaper is quoting Orange County activists as predicting violence at Donald Trump’s rally Wednesday in Anaheim — two days before at least six groups protest his visit to San Diego.

Anaheim Convention Center. Photo via anaheim.net

The Guardian said Tuesday: “Gustavo Arellano, … a well-known activist for Latino immigrant rights, described Anaheim as a ‘riot-happy city’ and added: ‘With this move, we now know that Trump is actively wishing for chaos to happen.'”

Ada Briceño, an official with Unite Here, was quoted as saying: “My stomach turns when I hear the man’s voice. … I guarantee you that there’ll be a lot of people there. They’re coming out of anger.”

The New York billionaire brings his presidential campaign to the Anaheim Convention Center at noon Wednesday.

In San Diego, a group called Union del Barrio plans a rally at Chicano Park.

“Trump and his trumpista followers are anti-Mexican to their core,” said the group’s website. “This man started his presidential campaign attacking our community…. He has created a political climate in this country that threatens the safety of our community, and we have no other choice other than to push back against trumpismo!”

Meanwhile, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s press secretary told Times of San Diego that the mayor will not attend Trump’s rally.

Craig Gustafson, spokesman for the Republican mayor, also said Faulconer “has no plans to meet with Trump.”

Faulconer, who had backed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, said earlier this month that he wouldn’t endorse the presumptive GOP nominee because “he hasn’t earned my vote.”

On San Diego Free Press, longtime activist Frank Gormlie wrote: “It’s going to be literally one crazy, anti-Trump day in downtown San Diego…. So much is going on that it boggles the mind to try to imagine everything.”

Predicting thousands will attend, he said: “There’s at least six different networks or groups mobilizing their supporters to show Trump that San Diegans will not stand for him. The groups range from Republicans, Democrats, to anarchists, and social justice veterans, to the Union del Barrio and border activists. These groups will all have their own tactics, displaying a diversity of opposition to Trump. And then there’s the janitors – hundreds of them will be demonstrating and marching through downtown.”

OBRag.org has reported that at least one of three other groups has stated its intention of “organizing something inside” Trump’s event Friday at the San Diego Convention Center.

Facebook event pages for protests:

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