Orange County Superior Court. Photo by John Schreiber
Orange County Superior Court. Photo by John Schreiber

An Orange County Superior Court judge Wednesday again shot down attempts by a convicted Costa Mesa killer seeking more evidence of the handling of jailhouse snitches.

Orange County Superior Court Judge John Conley ruled in June to quash subpoenas for more information about the use of an informant in the case against Daniel Patrick Wozniak, who was found guilty of killing two people.

Wozniak’s attorney, Scott Sanders, brought a motion to compel more information about a Santa Ana police investigator and others, but Conley rejected the motion and granted more motions to quash his subpoenas for other records related to an internal log kept by sheriff’s deputies in the special handling unit.

In May, Conley granted an evidentiary hearing into allegations that informant Fernando Perez was improperly used to solicit incriminating evidence against Wozniak while the two were jailed together. That hearing was prompted by the recent discovery of the internal administrative log.

Sanders has raised constitutional questions about his client’s case as prosecutors have continued to argue that sheriff’s deputies were never part of the law enforcement team building a case against Wozniak.

Conley agreed with prosecutors. On June 20 when Conley ruled against Sanders in the informant issue, the judge remarked, “the issue of jail informants in the Wozniak case, in the court’s view, is a dead-end road leading nowhere.”

Wozniak is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 23. Conley is also expected to consider a motion for a new trial at that time.

Wozniak was convicted of killing 26-year-old Samuel Eliezer Herr and 23- year-old Julie Kibuishi. Jurors recommended the death penalty.

Wozniak was deep in debt in May 2010, facing eviction and without money for his pending wedding, when he concocted a plan to kill his neighbor, Herr, and throw police off the trail by making it look like Herr murdered and raped his female friend, Senior Deputy District Attorney Matt Murphy argued at trial.

Wozniak, who grew up in Long Beach, further tried to confound investigators by dismembering his first victim and dumping the body parts in the El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach, Murphy said.

–City News Service

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