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A 36-year-old molester sexually assaulted two underage female relatives multiple times over several years in Anaheim, a prosecutor told jurors Tuesday in the defendant’s trial.

Joel Guerrerojasso’s attorney, however, said his client is not guilty of all of the crimes alleged in the case.

Guerrerojasso is charged with two counts of lewd or lascivious acts with a minor younger than 14, as well as one count each of lewd acts on a child ages 14 or 15 and forcible oral copulation, all felonies.

“The evidence is going to show you we’re here because the defendant sexually abused two of his (relatives),” said Deputy District Attorney Mena Guirguis.

The oldest girl turned 17 just as the defendant was arrested in September of last year, Guirguis said. The other girl was 12.

The older girl “remembers her (relative) molesting and abusing her since she was 8 years old,” Guirguis said. “It started when she was in the third grade … and it never stopped.”

By the seventh grade the defendant was also showing the girl pornographic videos on his phone while encouraging her to engage in sexual activity, Guirguis said.

The defendant allegedly would corner the girl when her mother was not around and even threatened to have her quinceanera party canceled if she didn’t comply with his sexual demands, Guirguis said.

“He held that (party) hostage” unless the girl would escalate the sexual activity, Guirguis said.

When Guerrerojasso was arrested in September of last year he allegedly “confessed” to trying to have sex with the two girls, Guirguis said.

The younger alleged victim, however, denied “anything happened” when first questioned by social workers and police, Guirguis said.

In August of this year, however, investigators interviewed her again and she “finally disclosed that she too was molested by” the defendant, Guirguis said.

Guerrerojasso’s attorney, Jay Moorhead, encouraged jurors to “listen to inconsistencies, vagaries as to times, places and details” of the alleged crimes when the girls testify.

Moorhead noted that the older alleged victim didn’t tell anyone about the abuse for nine years and that the younger girl initially denied the crimes.

Moorhead acknowledged his client made a “full confession” to police, but he added, “Keep in mind the interview is done in English” and that the defendant speaks “broken English.”

At the end of the trial, “I’m going to ask you to find Mr. Guerrerojasso not guilty of certain crimes,” Moorhead said.

–City News Service 

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