A mountain lion attacked a 3-year-old boy Monday in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in Lake Forest.

The boy suffered non-life-threatening injuries, KNX reported. He was taken to a hospital and his vital signs were stable, according to Capt. Tony Bommarito of the Orange County Fire Authority.

A family of six were walking in the park about 4:15 p.m., with the young boy leading the way, when he was attacked by the mountain lion, Bommarito said.

The mountain lion grabbed the boy by the neck and only released him when his father threw a backpack at the lion, Bommarito said. The mountain lion then jumped into a tree with the backpack.

The park was evacuated.

An Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputy shot and killed the lion with authorization from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, who deemed the animal a threat to public safety, according to Carrie Braun, director of public affairs for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

A 35-year-old cyclist, Mark Reynolds, was killed by a mountain lion in the park in 2004.

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