Picture of a knife, not the one in story.
Example of a knife. Photo via Pixabay

A 43-year-old Anaheim man was in custody Sunday in Garden Grove for allegedly attempting to kill his estranged wife by sneaking up behind her with kitchen knives while she watched their son play sports.

Her son alerted her to the danger, she ran onto the field screaming for help and a coach and off-duty cop subdued and disarmed the suspect, authorities said.

The arrest came Thursday at around 7:05 p.m. at the Chapman Sports Complex located at 11701 Knott St., according to Sgt. Vince Vaicaro of the Garden Grove Police Department.

The attack occurred as several youth sporting events were underway on the field, Vaicaro said.

The unidentified woman was alerted by her son that her husband, identified as Russel Husges, was coming up behind her in the stands allegedly armed with kitchen knives, Vaicaro continued.

The intended victim ran away from Husges onto the field screaming for help, Vaicaro said. Husges was then subdued and disarmed by one of the coaches and an off-duty police officer.

Husges was arrested and booked on a charge of attempted murder, Vaicaro said.

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