Health officials issued a particulate advisory Sunday evening in response to July Fourth fireworks celebrations.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District said poor air quality is likely in areas throughout the South Coast Air Basin, as fireworks — both large, sanctioned shows and those of the personal “backyard” variety — are known to emit high levels of particulate matter and metal air pollutants, all of which can contribute to negative health effects.

The agency says the region could reach the Very Unhealthy category.

“Fine particulate matter levels on July 4 and 5 are typically among the worst (highest) days of the

year in the South Coast Air Basin,” according to the SCAQMD. “The smoke and combustion products from fireworks add to the fine particles already present in the basin that are primarily caused by motor vehicles, as well as fugitive dust and industrial emissions.”

Breathing of fine particulate matter can lead to an array of cardiovascular and respiratory health effects such as heart attacks, asthma aggravation, decreased lung function, difficulty breathing, and may lead to premature death for those with heart or lung disease.

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