The Board of Supervisors Tuesday directed staff to develop plans for making Riverside County Department of Code Enforcement personnel available to investigate complaints and issue citations for violations during nighttime hours and on weekends.

Supervisors Kevin Jeffries and Chuck Washington jointly proposed a new strategy for employing code enforcement officers outside of typical work routines in order to address potential illegal activity, principally in unincorporated communities.

“Among the ordinances that code enforcement is responsible for are those governing unpermitted vendors, unpermitted events, short-term rentals and noise violations,” the supervisors wrote in their proposal. “Unfortunately, these types of activities most often happen during evenings and weekends. Code enforcement has historically been staffed almost entirely during regular working hours, Monday through Friday.”

The supervisors said the absence of officers on the weekends can be particularly frustrating to complainants because the code representatives show up “Monday morning to investigate … events and activities that have long since ended.”

According to the proposal, the allocations necessary to keep officers on duty during the overnight hours shouldn’t be significant if assignments are “focused on those evenings with the highest call volumes.”

The Executive Office was directed to coordinate with the Transportation & Land Management Agency, under which code enforcement operates, to develop a strategy for additional deployments and return to the board within 60 days with a report identifying anticipated costs and proposed revised schedules for officers.

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